Florida Car Insurance

The Sunshine State of Florida is a great place to enjoy the outdoors by riding a bike or just wandering around. However, there are many occasions when a car is a necessity. This means you will need to make sure you follow all of the state’s auto insurance rules and regulations before heading out on the local roads and highways.

All vehicles in Florida need to have both personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) coverage. The minimum amount you need for these types of insurance is $10,000 worth. The PDL insurance takes care of any damage your car causes to somebody else’s property. However, if the accident was your fault, the insurance won’t cover damages to your vehicle. In fact, Florida insurance laws don’t require you to have coverage on your own vehicle. Of course, this isn’t a good idea if your car’s worth several thousand dollars.

The PIP coverage insures all individuals in your car if they’re injured in an accident regardless of who was at fault. This is basically known as no-fault insurance. All registered vehicles need the minimum coverage, but it also covers you if you’re walking or riding a bike and hit by a car. Another Florida insurance option is called bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance, which takes care of funeral and medical costs of others if you cause an accident. However, this isn’t mandatory.

Most other states require you have bodily injury liability insurance and it’s a good idea to invest in it especially if you own a major asset that you could lose in a lawsuit. Florida uses no-fault insurance as a way to try and keep premiums down. The insurance is designed to pay claims quickly and to avoid lawsuits by covering accidents no matter who caused them. Not everybody agrees with this type of auto insurance though since at-fault drivers are often protected from lawsuits and this could result in more incidents of reckless driving.

You definitely need the state minimum coverage though, so it’s a good idea to do some comparison shopping when searching for the lowest rates. To take advantage of our instant auto insurance rate finder, just fill in your zip code at the top of the page. The search engine will look for the best rates available from several of Florida’s leading insurance companies. There’s no need to pay higher premiums than you have to, so it’s well worth comparing the rates that are available to you.