Texas Car Insurance

Many of us Texans don’t like the idea of having to purchase car insurance. We don’t appreciate having to spend our hard-earned money; on services we don’t see the value in – especially since the state of Texas requires that we carry the appropriate amounts of automobile insurance, in order to be able to legally operate a motor vehicle.

If you think about it really is unfair, most of us are safe drivers who never run past a red light or stop sign, and obey the speed limit signs, and rules of the road. Since we do have to pay for automobile insurance in Texas, we should at least know what the minimum requirements are – so that we can find the most cost-effective policy possible.

Texas Car Insurance Requirements

  • You must carry at least $25,000 in bodily injury protection insurance. Notice that this is the very most that your auto insurance company in Texas will pay towards injuries done to your body. Also if you drive someone else’s vehicle with their acceptance, this will cover you using a nether vehicle as well.
  • On the topic of Bodily Injury Protection, you must also realize the auto insurance companies in TX, only cover $50,000 per accident.
  • For Property Damage, make sure you are carrying at LEAST $50,000 in insurance protection.


Finding a Local Texas Independent Auto Insurance Agency

It’s very easy to obtain car insurance rates online in Texas, all you have to do is provide your zip code and some basic information such as age, gender, and some details about your vehicle and we can get you some great quotes online in less than 60 seconds, without having to bombard you with emails and phone calls.

With that being said once you get the rates online, it may make very good sense to work with a local agency who is appointed with more than one Texas Car Insurance Company such as Geico or All State. If you sign up with what they call a “Captive Agent”, they will tell you whatever they need to – to ensure you go with their company, otherwise they will lose you as a client.

What you want to do with work with a local insurance broker who is “Independent”, meaning they have appointments or contracts with more than one carrier (hopefully 2+ ), so that they can assist you in comparing multiple auto carriers at once.